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    Clothing as Gear: Modern Camo isn’t as important as you may think

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    camouflage photoWearing camouflage to hunt animals is a relatively new idea.  More big game has been taken in this country by hunters wearing jeans and flannels than probably any camouflage outfit.  Not so long ago, people had one outfit of clothes and maybe a coat for winter.  You wore it everywhere including if you went hunting.

    From the first hunter-specific camo patterns in the 1970s to the ultra-modern digital designs out now, the look and style of camouflage has evolved drastically.  However, when you ask some of the best hunters in the world what camo pattern they recommend, most of them are quick to tell you that it is not nearly as important as staying still, being quiet, and hunting the wind.

    Digital Camo Pattern

    Compared to hunting deer or bear, camouflage is much more important when hunting waterfowl and turkeys.  Those birds have 10x vision whereas deer tend to rely more on spotting movement than spotting a specific image.

    My concluding thought here is to wear something that looks similar to the area you’ll be hunting in, but if you don’t have the latest and greatest camo, don’t worry, play the wind, and stay quiet.  Those things are much more important.

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