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    Gear Review: Fishing Sunglasses – Costa Fantail Sunrise Silver Mirror

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    The first question you may have is, “Do I need a specialized pair of fishing sunglasses?” The answer is, that depends. I will preface this by saying that a pair of Costa sunglasses is not high on the list of fishing must-haves. Your rod, reel, line, tackle, boat, fishfinder, and net are going to be much more important in fishing success.

    Costa has been making sunglasses for fishing for over 30 years. Born in Florida, they set out to build the highest quality frames that would also utilize technologies to help fishermen see better on and in the water. Their frames and lenses feature a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects and a repair program that could essentially replace the glasses for a fee if damaged badly enough. Countless professional fishermen and guides rely on Costa for all their fishing eyewear needs.

    How can sunglasses help you while fishing?

    Picture this: It’s a beautiful sunny day in Michigan and you are fishing your favorite stream. You’re looking down and trying to see the fish to target but the reflection of the sun off of the water is glaring back at you. A pair of polarized glasses is going to solve this problem. By blocking the glare (reflective light waves) they allow you to look at the water without being blinded by the sun. Also, being polarized they allow you to make out more detail and let in more light than a standard pair of glasses. They can allow you to see under the surface of the water on a sunny day when normally you could not.

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    Choosing a pair of Costas:

    1. When buying a pair of Costa sunglasses, first you select your frame. I like the fantail model because they fit my face well, look good, and I never feel like they might fall off. I went with the blackout model where everything is black except the lenses themselves.
    2. The next step is deciding between glass and plastic lenses. Glass will be slightly more clear than the plastic lenses. However, it will be much more scratch-resistant. On the other hand, the plastic is more impact resistant. I chose the glass because It fit my needs the best. If you have children though, the plastic may be a better option especially if they have a habit of dropping your sunglasses.
    3. The final decision is choosing which color of lens to select. This will largely depend on where you fish most. The grey or copper lenses will be the best overall choice. They will work well in most environments. The blue and green lens will be a better choice if you fish the ocean or big lakes a lot. I went with the yellow “Sunrise Silver Mirror” because it lets in the most light. All of the other lenses let in a maximum of 12% light, but the yellow lenses let in 25%. This means better visibility at sunrise/sunset and periods of low light. I fish a lot of rivers and streams which are usually well shaded by trees. Note: The sunrise silver mirror would not be a great choice for very bright days, but you could get by with them in a pinch.

    I had no idea buying a pair of sunglasses could be this complicated. Nor did I ever imagine wearing them could help me see more fish. The results speak for themselves though. In lower light conditions, I can see deeper into the water and make out fish better with these glasses than without them.

    Costa glasses are not necessarily going to make you fish better. They may be what most would consider a luxury purchase. However, looking at the number of professionals who swear by them and the benefits of the technologies in their lenses, I would argue that they are the best choice you could make if looking for a pair of sunglasses to enhance your fishing.




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