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Gear Review: Lacrosse Grange Rubber Boots

Footwear is probably one of the least exciting pieces of hunting gear we will buy, but it can directly influence our comfort, safety, and enjoyment. On a backcountry hunt, your boots can be the difference between a safe hunt and one resulting in severe foot injury.

I use the Lacrosse Grange boots as my all-around footwear for day hunts. They are a simple, uninsulated rubber boot. I would never choose these boots for a long, mountainous, or backcountry hunt. Here’s my breakdown of the pros and cons of the Lacrosse Grange boots:


  • The solid, basic green color works with every type of camo.
  • The soles feature a semi-aggressive pattern that makes these boots good for hiking on uneven terrain.
  • The 18″ height comes up just short of the knee, making them perfect for keeping your feet dry while out in the rain or crossing shallow creeks.
  • Cleaning and removing scent from these boots is easy since they are fully rubber. This can come in handy during the early months of deer season.
  • Because they are non-insulated, these boots are comfortable in temps as high as 65 degrees. Wearing thick socks with them ensures they can keep my feet warm down to temperatures in the high 20s.


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  • The Lacrosse Grange boots lack the structure and ankle support required for carrying heavy loads.
  • They are not ideal for hilly terrain or an expedition-style hunt.
  • You will want an insulated pair of boots when winter rolls around.

Overall, for a day hunt or hike to a blind or treestand, the Lacrosse Grange boots are perfect. Through turkey, fishing, waterfowl, and early deer seasons, mine have not let me down yet. A plain rubber boot is an essential piece in every hunter’s gear. The Lacrosse Grange boot is my pick.

The Lacrosse Grange boots can be purchased for $80.


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