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Gear Review: Rapala Fish N Fillet Knife

After a successful day of fishing, the work of filleting your catch begins. Having a sharp knife can make all the difference. I have tried many different filet knives I liked such as the Bubba Blade, the Cabela’s Alaskan Guide Series Filet knife by Buck, and the Wusthof Classic filet knife. However, as nice as some of the pricier knives are, I find myself returning to the classic Rapala fish fillet knife.

If you have ever gone fishing, odds are you have used or seen someone use the classic Rapala fillet knife. Its distinct birch handle provides a solid purchase on the blade. The “European steel” is soft enough to easily sharpen, but strong enough to get through all but the largest fish. The knife comes with a leather sheath and a small single-stage sharpener which makes it easy to quickly tune up your blade.

What I like about this filet knife is the amount of flex it has. With a full tang construction (blade all the way down to the bottom of the handle) the knife has a rigid spine, but flexes enough to allow you to maneuver around small fish such as bluegill, perch, and rock bass. The sharp tip and 7″ length makes it equally suited to trout, bass, and walleye as well.

The other great thing about the Rapala fillet knife is the price tag is right around $20. Carry it with you on the water and use it. If it falls overboard you’re only out $20 instead of $100 for a nicer knife.

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There are lots of great filet knives on the market, but none that performs this well for the price. I must admit that there is also a sense of nostalgia in using the Rapala filet just as my father and grandfather did when I was young.


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