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Getting Ready For Fall Hunting Season

This past year has flown by. We are now just 6 weeks out from hunting season 2020. With all the craziness going on it feels good to be preparing to chase waterfowl, turkey, small game, and of course whitetail deer. I passed on getting a black bear tag this year. With the uncertainty surrounding traveling, I didn’t want to make any long-distance plans. Also, I am looking forward to banking my Michigan bear point and drawing an earlier hunt next year. Besides, there will be a lot to focus on closer to home.


I’m relatively new to waterfowl hunting. Last year I went on one guided goose hunt and went out a few times myself looking for ducks in October. I haven’t had any success yet chasing waterfowl. So I am eager to get my decoys ready, pattern my autoloading shotgun, and hopefully get my first bird this year. It’s always tough to make time to get out for waterfowl during whitetail season, but I am determined to get after early-season geese at a minimum.

Fall Turkey

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Spring turkey season this year was disappointing. I was able to get on a couple different toms on the private land I hunt, but couldn’t get any of them to come in close enough to have a shot. It was a particularly cold spring and I probably played it a little too safe. So I will be looking for redemption in the turkey woods and am hoping to bag a nice tom to eat this thanksgiving.

Small Game

It can be tough to work in time to chase squirrels, rabbits, and other small critters. Typically I won’t get out after them until deer season is over (usually in January or so). However, I have a new Tikka T1X 22 rifle I am eager to try out and will have to squeeze in at least a couple small game hunts before it snows.

Whitetail Deer

If hunting was a concert, then turkey, waterfowl, and small game would all be the openers. Whitetail deer is always the main event for me. I’m not knocking any of the other species. I love hunting and will chase any animals I can, but there’s something about deer that has a way of drawing me in and holding me for most of the fall. Nothing beats a venison backstrap, I enjoy being outside in the fall, and there’s a certain amount of inherent difficulty in chasing an animal so fast, aware, and smart.

Wrap Up

In short, it’s going to be a busy 4 months. It’s time to start dusting off your blinds, treestands, climbing gear, bow, and camouflage and get ready for hunting season. OSN will be with you the whole time discussing our successes and frustrations, tips and strategies, and why we love hunting. Good luck this fall!


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