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    White-tailed Deer Hunting And The Michigan Ecosystem

    White-tailed deer hunting is essential to the Michigan ecosystem for several reasons. First, it helps to control the deer population, which can be damaging...

    Every Hunter’s Worst Nightmare: Wounding An Animal

    Last year during archery season, I was chasing my first buck. I had just received permission on a new piece of private land. It...

    My First Hunt: The One that Got me Hooked

    "The deep connection to our natural environment and chance to harvest truly sustainable protein is an amazing opportunity." I grew up around hunting.  My stepfather...

    Just what exactly is ‘Saddle Hunting’ anyways?

    After a season of testing out a saddle system, I do not ever see myself going back to using a traditional treestand.

    Consumption guidelines not needed for deer harvested in the Norton Creek/Huron River area

    CONTACTS: Lynn Sutfin, MDHHS, 517-241-4772, [email protected] Tammy Newcomb, DNR, 517-284-5832, [email protected] LANSING, Mich. – After analyzing test results for per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in muscle and heart...

    CDC warns of catching tuberculosis from deer

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued an advisory, warning that it is possible to catch a form of tuberculosis when field-dressing infected deer. It's...

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