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    Boresighting Made Simple – The Sitelite SL – 150

    Boresighting and Zeroing in a rifle at the range is one of those necessary evils you have to do every year before hunting. It's...

    One Flashlight To Rule Them All – The Olight Javelot Pro

    Flashlights serve hunters in several essential ways. Setting up before daybreak, locating downed game, signaling for help, and shining are all crucial to successful...

    Gear Review: Vortex Viper 15-45×65 Angled Spotting Scope

    Recently I was in the market for a new spotting scope. I am planning some hunts out west for next year which will involve...

    Gear Review: Yeti Goal Zero 150 – Portable Power

    When I was planning a hunt last winter in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, one of the considerations I had to take into account was how...

    A Few Pieces of Fly Fishing Gear Worth Checking Out

    So far we've covered the basics in selecting a rod and reel for fly fishing in addition to a line. We then talked about...

    Gear Review: Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter Knife

    When it comes to knives I have to admit I'm a sucker for the fixed blades.  Sure I have a folder on me pretty...

    Just what exactly is ‘Saddle Hunting’ anyways?

    After a season of testing out a saddle system, I do not ever see myself going back to using a traditional treestand.

    Essential Gear for Spring Turkey Hunting

    Aside from the obvious, a spring turkey hunt can bring different weather, challenges, and gear requirements than hunting whitetail deer in the fall.

    Gear Review: Beretta A300 Outlander

    A shotgun is like a hammer in your toolkit: It's the essential tool everyone should own.  If you could only own one gun for...

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