Tuesday, July 11, 2023

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    Small Game Hunting: The Rimfire vs Shotgun Debate

    We are now well into small game season. Squirrels are chattering and rabbits are hopping. Both animals make for delicious natural protein and I...

    Squirrel Hunting Overgrown State Land and Trying To Call In Wary Geese

    So Tuesday was my first real day of hunting this season and I got after it. Up way too late Monday night rigging up...

    My Season Update: Waterfowl Scouting And Preparing For Small Game

    I wanted to check in and give everyone a quick update on how preparing for my fall hunting has been coming along. As the...

    Small Game Hunting: Why You Need to Do It

    Michigan hunting is symbolized by the images of charismatic megafauna and beautiful waterfowl that we hunt. Whitetail deer, black bears, elk, ducks, and turkey...

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