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    The End Of October, All Day Sits, Optimism

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    We’re nearing the last stretch of October, which means that we should soon start seeing the oldest bucks start to exhibit some rut type activity. They’ll start acting differently and begin trying to chase does around their home turf over the next 10 days or so. If you are lucky enough to be on a piece of land where a doe comes into heat early then you may experience an early rut. The rest of us can try and take advantage of the bucks becoming more daytime active to capitalize on an opportunity.

    The weather has definitely shifted full force into fall. Temps have been dropping down into the 40s many days and we have had a decent amount of rain. This lowering of the average temperatures should help launch us into a solid rut toward the end of the month. Food will become less important and more of the deer will be concerned with mating and fighting than anything else.

    So far this year, I have just hunted afternoons and evenings. I haven’t had much morning daylight activity on camera and decided to avoid the risk of bumping deer while trying to walk in during the early morning dark. However, as we get into the rut phase of the hunting season, there will be a lot more daytime movement. Right around the end of October, I will begin a series of all-day sits where I will be in a tree from 7 am to almost 7 pm. If you are ever going to push yourself to be in the woods more, the rut is the time to do it. Anything can happen at any time of day.

    We still have a lot of hunting season left and the best is rapidly approaching. Knock out some chores around the house, catch up on sleep, finish a work project. In about 10 days you will want to be free and clear to be in the woods.

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