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The Ultimate Guide To Whitetail Hunting Packs 2020 Part 2: The Tree Stand Packs

In part 1 of the ‘Ultimate Guide To Whitetail Hunting Packs’, we talked about daypacks and their utility. Now we are going to describe the packs built specifically for deer hunters.

Tree stand Packs

Best Examples:

Sitka – Tool Bucket
1800 cubic inches
3.4 lbs

Mystery Ranch – Treehouse
1892 cubic inches
4.6 lbs

Sitka Tool Bucket

Similar to day packs, these are generally smaller and less substantial than backpacking packs and feature many features designed specifically for whitetail hunters. Price, weight, and bulk all fall in-between day packs and the full-frame bags. They typically start around $150 and go up to $400, weighing between 2.5 and 4 pounds. Design characteristics that distinguish them from other packs usually revolve around being made to be accessed while hanging from a tree. This means the top opens with a bucket type lid that lifts up and allows access to the main compartment without all your gear spilling out. Many good tree stand packs also feature quiet open and close construction using plastic toggles to latch the top instead of noisy zippers. The construction of these packs has gotten really advanced in recent years. Pack companies have been consulting expert treestand deer hunters and adding features specific to the task. Sitka Gear sells the tool belt, tool bucket, and cargo box currently which ranges from a fanny pack to a full-on stand hauling internal frame pack. All feature treestand specific touches and come in the Optifade Elevated II camo. While not as rugged as true backcountry packs, the Sitka whitetail line of backpacks can be a great option depending on your needs.

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Mystery Ranch Treehouse

Mystery Ranch markets the Treehouse pack for stand hunters. It features a very rugged construction, internal frame, bucket-style design, and weighs in at just about 4 pounds. If you don’t need to haul in a stand it is a great pack to check out for $250.

If you are looking for a tree-stand specific pack for under $200, check out the Cabala’s tree-stand pack, the Badlands tree-stand day pack, the Field and Stream ultimate whitetail hunting pack, or the Horn Hunter G3 tree-stand pack. At $110, the Horn Hunter G3 would be my recommendation in the sub $200 group. While these 4 packs do not offer the advanced features or bombproof construction of the more expensive stand packs, they offer a great value for the price and would work well if you’re not hauling in a mobile stand.

Other Packs To Check-Out:

Badlands Timber

Cabela’s – Tree-Stand Pack $99.99
Badlands – Timber Tree Stand Pack $169.99
Field And Stream – Ultimate Whitetail Hunting Pack $89.99
Horn Hunter – G3 Tree Stand Pack $129.99
Sitka – Cargo Box $399
Sitka – Tool Belt $299

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