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    Video: April Vokey 3 Tricks to Help Get Your Fly or Lure Unstuck From a Snag


    April Vokey is arguably one of the best and most prolific anglers in the world.  A fly fisher by trade she honed her skills on the steelhead found in the rivers of British Columbia.  Owner of Flygal Ventures, a guide service, she has gained international acclaim as an expert fly caster and TV personality.  Her podcast Anchored with April Vokey features her traveling the globe interviewing interesting personalities from the fishing world (and is also one of this author’s favorite podcasts).  She is the real deal.

    That makes it all the more encouraging to see this video from her and know that even one of the best anglers still gets her fly and lure stuck from time to time.  We’ve all been there.  You throw a seemingly perfect cast and then feel a tug.  Going to strip or retrieve your line, you meet resistance, and in your mind, you think “It’s a big one.”  Several minutes later you pull a log out of the water if you’re lucky or break your lure off if you’re not.

    April shows us a few simple tips to try and keep from losing our cool and our fly.

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