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    Video: G2OUTDOORS Successful Osceola Turkey Hunt


    Greg Godfrey from G2OUTDOORS and Tethrd shares a great video about his successful turkey hunt a couple weeks ago as he goes on a quest to complete the turkey grand slam.  This clip is from his Osceola turkey hunt.  For those who don’t know, the “turkey grand slam” is when you successfully hunt all four US subspecies of turkeys in one season.

    Those subspecies are:

    • Eastern Turkey
    • Osceola or Florida
    • Merriam’s
    • Rio Grande

    The most common type of Turkey in the US is Eastern which is the only type we have here in Michigan.  Make sure to follow Greg’s youtube page to keep up with the progress as he tries to complete the slam.

    You will notice in the video that Greg is using a box turkey call, similar to one we detailed recently.

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    Keep checking back to Outdoor Sports Nation as we continue to talk turkeys during the leadup to Michigan’s Opener on April 18th.

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