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    Video: Spring Bear Hunt – Ursus Idaho


    Going on a spot and stalk black bear hunt out West is one of my bucket list hunts.  In this video, Paul Peterson from First Lite gets the coveted tag for a unit in Idaho and sets off on his first bear hunt.

    First Lite is a designer and producer of elite camo technical garments geared towards hunters.  We recently covered why technical fabrics can be very beneficial to your hunting.  The quality is excellent and they run quite a few sales every year.  Their Western Big Game line would be the perfect thing to wear for this mountainous backcountry hunt in the Idaho Wilderness.

    The current state of spring bear hunting in Canada appears to be a no go for Americans at this time who were planning a trip across the border.  The border is still closed to non-essential travel due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

    I would love to see a spring bear hunt in Michigan someday.  With 12,000 black bears, the state (and specifically the UP) could definitely support it.

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    One of the interesting things about a spring bear hunt is that the size of a large bear for spring is much smaller than a large bear in the fall.  This is due to the animals not having eaten while hibernating.   A good spring bear is around 300lbs while a good fall black bear is closed to 450-500lbs.

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