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    Video: The Hunting Public – 3 Tips to Find Turkeys


    Continuing our coverage of the lead up to Michigan Turkey Season we are sharing this great video from the Hunting Public.  Be sure and check out their youtube page as they have rapidly taken the hunting world by storm.  Instead of going on expensive guided and private land hunts they rely on e-scouting and DIY tactics to hunt exclusively on public land.

    The great thing about their videos is anyone could do this with minimal expense.  Just takes some patience, time, and a bit of planning out your resources.

    In this video, they discuss their 3 best tips for finding turkeys on public land that anyone can hunt.  So often, new or disenfranchised hunters complain about not having a place to hunt while neglecting the vast amount of private land available to us in every state.

    Their 3 tips are:

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    • Listen for turkeys and document everywhere you hear them.  The Hunting Public are big fans of the OnX mapping app (And we are too at Outdoor Sports Nation!) and “drop pins” in spots where they here birds.  This allows them to go back later and know where to look when the turkeys are not gobbling.
    • Look for Habitat Diversity.  Turkeys (like most animals) need Water, Open Areas, Cover to nest, and Large trees for roosting.  By searching maps for these terrain features before arriving to hunt you can narrow down your search and improve your chances.
    • Cover lots of ground.  So many hunters set up in a blind and stay there even when they are seeing no turkeys.  Don’t be afraid to move around and chase those gobbles using trees as cover and carefully plotting your route using the first two tips.

    Michigan Turkey season starts April 14th and I know I will certainly be using these three tips as I chase a mature Tom.

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