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    Video: Turkey Calling Tips (What Turkey Sounds Mean)


    Today’s video is a turkey video from Whitetail properties.  It explains what the different turkey sounds mean.

    • Yelp:  Can be calm, agitated, or used for assembling the flock (depends on tone/volume)
    • Cluck: Distant spacing call to locate other turkeys and keep in touch while separated.
    • Putt: Sharp alarm call. Turkey is warning others.
    • Purr: Used in conjunction with a cluck, a soft reassuring sound

    The video is a great, quick explanation of how turkeys communicate with various sounds and when you may want to use each sound while hunting.  It also describes how to use a locator call to induce shock gobbles.

    Explained in the video, is that many of these vocalizations can have different meanings depending on their severity and urgency.

    Good quick refresher course in talking turkey before the season opens on Saturday, April 18th here in Michigan.

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