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    Michigan Governor’s Controversial ‘Motorized Boating Ban’ Not in Text of Emergency Order; Causes Controversy

    Residents feel that the most recent Executive Order in Michigan to address Coronavirus has gone too far in prohibiting motorized boating.

    Don’t burn yard debris this weekend; campfires are okay

    Contact: Paul Rogers, 616-260-8406 Agency: Natural Resources Permits for open burning of yard debris remain suspended across most of the state in response to the governor’s “Stay Home, Stay...

    (360˚ View) VR Mountain Biking | DTE Energy Foundation Trail Change the speed of playback for a different experience. This is a 360-degree video. To watch in true 360 you must use the YouTube...

    Michigan joins national effort to promote outdoor recreation industry

    Contact: Tiffany Brown, [email protected] or Brad Garmon (Office of Outdoor Recreation Industry), [email protected] Sept. 11, 2019 Whitmer names Brad Garmon director of the Office of Outdoor Recreation...

    DNR seeks input on 2020 forest road maps and ORV use

    Comments should be submitted by Aug. 31 via the interactive map or email Michigan residents have until Aug. 31 to help the Department of Natural...

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