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Explaining the recent DNR Changes to Spring Turkey Season: COVID-19


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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, making Michigan the state with the 3rd highest number of cases, the DNR has made some changes to spring turkey season.  On Thursday, April 9th, Governor Whitmer’s updated order restricted Michigan residents from traveling to a second residence.

In order to accommodate turkey hunters who may have purchased a tag for a Unit up North or in a zone that requires non-local travel, the DNR has agreed to exchange those tags for a tag for Unit 0234.  This is a statewide public and private land hunt that is valid everywhere except the southern Lower Peninsula (Unit ZZ).

This tag will allow hunting 1 bearded turkey from May 1st-May 31st.  To exchange a far from home tag to this new tag you can go online to the hunt local section of the DNR website.

If you successfully drew for a tag far from home, but have not purchased it yet, the DNR encourages you to instead search for close to home leftover tags on their website and purchase those instead.

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As the new executive order was unveiled, many residents have wondered if the upcoming spring turkey season would be canceled.  This new information from the DNR should be welcome news to any hunters who had a tag for a unit far from home.

Spring turkey season in Michigan begins on April 18th


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